The best time to travel in Nepal is in the spring or fall. In the spring, the months of March through May are generally good. In the fall, the months of October through early December are good. These timings can vary depending on the highest altitudes that the treks reach and whether or not they are mainly in the north side of the Himalaya range, like the Upper Mustang region. Upper Mustang is best from March through early November, including the summer months of June through August.




Where To?


On a trek, you’ll either stay in tents or local lodges, which is difference between a camping trek or teahouse trek. For the most part, camping treks can be done in Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet. However, teahouse treks are mainly available in Nepal and parts of India.

Camping Treks

On camping treks, you stay in tents and cook staff travel with you and cook your meals. All the food for the clients, guides, and staff is brought with the group and is carried by pack animals and/or porters. Although, in some locations, semi-permanent tented camps are set up for the season. As a result of the more complex logistics, staff, and gear required for camping treks, they are more expensive.

Teahouse Treks

If you stay in teahouses, you’ll have your dinner and breakfast at the teahouse. Other meals (lunches and snacks) while you’re trekking will also be at restaurants or teahouses along the route.

Comfort Lodge Treks

Comfort lodges are found in some parts of Nepal and the rooms and facilities are nicer than your typical teahouse lodge. The rooms have proper beds and attached bathrooms with hot and cold running water. The lighting in the rooms are good, and they may even have double-paned windows! Comfort lodges are also eco-lodges. Hot water comes from solar heaters and the electricity is also solar generated and is available 24-hours. The use of solar for hot water greatly reduces local pollution from burning wood and associated deforestation. It’s also possible to make reservations well in advance!

Teahouse Lodges , Nepal and India

Several treks in Nepal can be done staying in teahouse lodges. The standard of the teahouses and the comforts they offer will vary depending on their location. The more remote and less visited by tourists the region is, the more rustic and basic the lodgings will be. Certain well-travelled trails, like the Everest Base Camp trail and Annapurna Base Camp will offer some luxury hotels along the the route but most often they will be fairly basic. From food, to toilets and wifi, here is what to expect on your teahouse trek in Nepal:





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