Some of the best cuisines in the world, some of the best street food in the world.

Best times to go are during festivals….

Where To?


Here are some of the restaurants and street food vendors that we highly recommend in the major destinations of the country.

Thip Samai , Bangkok - Multiple Locations

The small restaurant Thip Samai apparently has the best Pad Thai in Bangkok! Not bad considering that they sell Pad Thai EVERYWHERE in this city 🙂 . So we had high expectations about this Pad Thai, and it did not disappoint!

So is it the best in Bangkok? Impossible to say, but we have eaten a lot of Pad Thais over the years, and this one is seriously delicious!

We usually have one “Superb Pad Thai with small prawns wrapped with egg” (90 Baht = US$ 2,70) and one “Pad Thai Song-Kreung with fresh deep-sea prawns, crabmeat, sliced squid, and sliced mango with noodle” (300 Baht = US$ 9).

Every region has their own culinary specialties…food that has been perfected with local spices, cooking methods, and fresh ingredients.

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