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Red Lantern Custom Journeys

Red Lantern's travel consultants will be happy to work with you to develop a custom itinerary for your trip to Asia. We specialize in multi-country tours and tours focused on specific activities such as cultural sightseeing, photography, wildlife viewing, bicycling, trekking, diving, honeymoons, golf, etc.

Custom Journeys are ideal for those who like to travel on their own, get away from the crowds, and have the flexibility to choose their daily activities, accommodations, and travel dates.

What You Get
You will get a personal travel consultant who will spend the time with you to understand your needs, research special requests, and work with you to create your detailed itinerary and price quote. We promise that your itinerary will meet your needs in terms of travel dates, hotels, activities, and budget.

To Inquire
Email us at info@redlanternjourneys or call us toll free: 877-362-2793

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